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Vartouhi is a brand for Health, Beauty, Personal Care & Skin Care.

Vartouhi (Armenian phrase for “beautiful as a rose”) is a corporation engaged in the online sale and distribution as a retailer of skin care products. It was established in Pangasinan on July 25, 2019 by zealous and determined gentlemen, who, despite their masculinity, are stern believers of the need to invest in great skin.

As a consequence of the public’s fascination towards social media such as Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, and Instagram, to name a few, these websites and/or applications have been effectively used by many businesses to promote their products and connect with customers. The advantages of social media marketing in conducting business directed us to embark on electronic commerce through the online trade of skin care products.


Owing to the fierce competition in Vartouhi’s chosen line of business, we continuously work very closely with our manufacturer in order to keep up with the various developments in the skin care industry; thus, be steadfast in our goals for our product to innovate and deliver better results.


Unlike most skin care online retailers, Vartouhi values its customers on a more personal level. Social Media, particularly Facebook, is highly influential in the daily lives of everyone. Our Facebook pages are therefore designed to achieve desired number of sales by listening to the skin care needs of actual and potential customers and responding to their queries with utmost sincerity. Stated differently, our online sales agents are knowledgeable of the products and trained to speak the truth. Having “little to zero sale” is better than selling out as a result of luring customers into buying through ludicrous promises.

Truly, Vartouhi advocates the importance of investing in great skin yet it has always believed that real beauty is more than skin-deep. 


Vartouhi will continue to flourish, develop, and grow its skincare and cosmetics retailing business in the realm of e-commerce by increasing online retail branches throughout the country. Novel and ingenious product concepts and offerings will be a constant occurrence not only as a manifestation of gratitude to faithful customers but also to fascinate and charm prospective clients irrespective of gender and location.  The Philippines will be a vital and, for the time being, focal target market for geographical expansion as we devise varying approaches to captivate the hearts of global patrons.


The ultimate goal is to create a balance between beauty and well-being because no amount of superficial magnificence can outweigh the significance of having a healthy body.  That real beauty is more than skin deep is beyond cavil.

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